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    "i-App" is a new era of personal/corporate identity that makes use of augmented...

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    We provides artist endorsement services to clients who want to have artist as...

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The New Era in Marketing & Entertainment

We comprises a team of dynamic and visionary team players who are dedicated to bringing individual entrepreneurs and its companies to a new era of identity through its marketing platform.


"i-App" is a new era of personal/corporate identity that makes use of augmented reality technology with instant access to a rich variety of multimedia content which can be easily modified for each new promotions.

App's Key technology-focused (USP) services include:
  • Content Management System (CMS) with the ability to track hit rates, collate database and unlimited self-changes of contents
  • Categorize of merchants with ability to search by key words and brand
  • Push Notification service
  • Customization tailored to suit needs of individual campaign


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    We all love our neighbor!

    So, I-app decided to ventures its service

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    I-App had make it's step to the Mainland China! Welcome I-App China *applause

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    I-App staff has a new image.

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    Our i-App t-shirt has extended to our office in Malaysia.

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